Wombyn Coming Together

As a wombyn, mother, wife, friend, sister, and care taker of the earth; I have found myself feeling disconnected at times. There has been struggle at times. I have often questioned, “What is it that we are doing here?” As I continue to dance this earth walk, I keep coming back to the realization that we are here to LOVE. To love ourselves unconditionally, so that we may love life with out limits.

I had a recent experience while tending fire for a Wombyns Moon Dance in Canada. I was able to witness 172 women dance under the full moon for 4 nights. I am grateful that I was able to tend the sacred fire for these 4 days and nights. I was not only tending the fire for the grandmothers, aunties, sisters, and children who chose to dance, but I tended the fire for Women of past present and future. This act of prayer of connecting to the divine feminine has allowed me to soften my heart, so that I may surrender to the support that wombyn have for each other and for life. As Wombyn, its our nature to nurture. It is our inherent wisdom to be strong. To be clear and grounded. For it is the Wombyn that holds the seed for future generations. It is with our womb that we manifest life. It is from this place of power that we have compassion. It is from this place that we will once again gracefully create balance, so that the men may stand tall and humble.

During each full moon all over the world for generations, Wombyn have come together to celebrate the divine feminine. They have come together to seek council and share wisdom.  I invite you to create a ceremony with the full moon. Even if it is going outside and acknowledging her. You can even take the time to offer your moon blood back to the earth at this time. Maybe you want to go to a movie with a bunch of wombyn. What ever you choose to do, be grateful.

May we continue to walk in beauty, grace, and balance!

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