Why Organic?

Modern organic methods are firmly based on science; the science of the soil and its organisms. Technology also plays a part.

Organic farming cleverly mimics nature, using composting and other techniques to deliver rich nutrient sources to the soil and its myriad inhabitants.

The constant breakdown and absorption of organic matter leads to a rich, powerful soil, full of the building blocks of healthy plant life. We all benefit: the birds and other wildlife – and of course, we benefit by being healthier ourselves and having healthy children.

Many conventional farmers use the basic chemical fertilizers needed to produce heavy yields and as a consequence soils become depleted of necessary elements. This is because the plants take what they can from the soil but the mineral levels gradually decline as these minerals are not being replaced.

Artificial fertilizers often run-off from the land and this causes enormous problems in nearby water sources. Blue green algae blooms are one example of toxic water from pesticide/herbicide/fungicide run off. Blue-green algae toxins in such concentrations and animals and other swimmers may be poisoned.

There have been many medical studies done that have begun to link the effects of accumulated toxins from conventional agriculture in the human body. Many of these studies suggest that an accumulation of these toxins is linked to chronic inflammatory diseases.

I have had the opportunity to work in medical clinics where lab testing is completed. In my experience the majority of clients coming in with chronic issues are suffering from heavy metal poisoning, toxic poisoning, and candida. Because this is a public blog, I don’t want to point any fingers! But, once we put clients on an organic diet, cut out the processed foods, and suggested supplements to help cleanse the body; many clients reported feeling better with their digestion, energy, hormones, and sleep patterns.

With the rise in population and the food supply demand also rising; I suggest shopping local as much as possible. Many local organic farms offer great prices at tail-gate markets. You can also search your area for a local CSA box (community sustainable agriculture). Each week you will receive a box of produce, meat, and dairy; depending on what type of CSA you buy. And if you have the space, grow a small organic garden!


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