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Wise Earth Apothecary

*All plants are homegrown on our organic biodynamic farm, locally harvested, or purchased from organic sources in the United States. The alcohol used is certified USDA organic and the Glycerin is Non-GMO. These products are produced on our farm in Weaverville, NC.

Apothecary Formula Descriptions

Tinctures – 1 oz $13 and 2 oz  $20

Pain Ease

*White willow bark, Jamaican dogwood bark, and Wood betony

White willow contains salicin, which is similar to aspirin. It is an excellent anti-inflammatory that does not damage liver tissue. Jamaican dogwood bark is used traditionally to treat nerve pain, migraine, and to relieve muscle spasms. Wood betony is a favorite for relieving nerve pain and gently purifying the blood.

Ideal for acute and chronic muscle and nerve pain, migraines, and cramping.

Sleep More

*Passionflower, California poppy, and Linden flower

Passionflower is traditionally used to treat insomnia, anxiety, and to calm “racing mind.” California poppy is a sedative herb and supports mental and muscle relaxation. Linden flowers neutralize free radicals and reduce stress and anxiety.

Ideal for relaxing the mind and promoting a restful sleep. Okay for children.

Tension Ease

*Holy Basil, Wild Milky Oats, Gynostema, Ashwagandha, Skullcap

Holy Basil has many uses and is revered as a sacred plant to many. It helps to calm the nervous system and to strengthen the adrenal glands. Wild Milky Oats rebuild damage nerve endings. Gynostemma is also known as “southern ginseng.” It is known to ease stress and build energy. Ashwagandha has been proven to improve stress levels, reduce insomnia, and depression. Skullcap has been used as an alternative to treat ADD and a number of nervous disorders.

Okay for adults and children.

Emotional Release

*Rose petals, Mimosa bark, Reishi fruiting body, and flower essences of Lavender and Self Heal

It’s no wonder that Roses are given to loved ones. Roses have many beneficial properties. For this formula they were chosen due to their action to alleviate depression. Mimosa bark is well known by herbalist and acupuncturist as “herbal Prozac.” It reduces depression, stress, and anxiety; while creating a sense of happiness and peace. Reishi fruiting body is used to calm the “shen,” or energy stored in the heart. It promotes calmness and relives anxiety especially for those that may have experienced trauma.

Okay for adults and children.

Critters Out

*Wormwood, Black Walnut, Neem leaf, and Calendula flowers

This formula promotes the death of a variety of parasites at their different life stages. This combination also helps to support healthy gastric acid levels and digestive enzyme levels. Calendula flowers aid in the production and flow of bile. It will support healthy elimination and soothe irritated digestive organs.

Bitter Digest

*Calendula flowers, Dandelion flower and root, Fennel, Gentian, Cardamom, and a hint of maple syrup

Calendula flowers increase bile flow and relieve digestive organ inflammation. They also increase bowel regulatory. Dandelion flower and root help to stabilize blood sugar levels, gently cleanse liver stagnation, and support healthy elimination pathways. Fennel and Cardamom are a carminative and relieve gas and bloating from improper digestion. Gentian root stimulates bile flow, saliva juices, and stomach acids. Gentian is a wonderful ally for treating many gastrointestinal issues.

Immune Kicker

*Elder flower, Boneset, Hyssop, Yellowroot, Lemon Balm, Usnea, Propolis

A wonderful antibacterial and antiviral combination. Elder flowers work wonders for sinus infections, cold and flu symptoms, and respiratory issues. Boneset has been known by many as “Break Bone Fever,” for its ability to eliminate fevers and to fight influenza. Hyssop has been known by many cultures around the world as a holy herb. For this formula it aids as a cough reliever and expectorant. Yellowroot, known as being similar to goldenseal, is a wonderful antibacterial herb. It is a house hold favorite for clearing up yellow mucous. Lemon Balm is a sweet tasting potent anti-viral. Usnea lichen has the ability to rebalance healthy bacteria and irradiating infection in the mucous membranes. Propolis resin is used by the bees to prevent viruses and bacteria from entering their hive.

Okay for adults and children.
Salves – .25 ounces  $3 and 2 oz   $15

Calendula Salve  

*Almond oil infused with Calendula flowers and local beeswax

Arnica Salve

*Almond oil and olive oil infused with arnica flowers and birch bark. Essential oils of wintergreen and camphor

Crystal Elixir Spray – 2 oz  $15

Moon Goddess 

*Black Obsidian infused under a full lunar cycle with essential oils

Teas – 8 oz $15

Every Day Mineral Tea Blend

*Nettle, Oatstraw, Gynostemma




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