Fall Feasting- Inner Wisdom of the Seasons

Can you feel it? The subtle change in temperature? The cool breeze? The changing of the leaves? It’s time to collect fire wood, take our immune tonics, and get out the crock pot. Most of our bodies start to crave warmer foods, root vegetables, and going to bed earlier.

Take a look out of your window, especially if you live in a deciduous forest where you experience the 4 seasons in the change of the leaves.  The leaves are changing to yellow, orange and burgundy. Their energy is starting to make their descent back down their trunks and preparing to hibernate for the winter in the warmth of the earth. The animals are collecting the food so that they may be comfortable for the inner slumber that occurs in the winter.

Some cultures associate the color black or dark blue with the season of fall. Energetically it is time that we start to turn our energy inwards, from the outward abundant summer.  Take time to put yourself to bed earlier, enjoy warm teas, and warmer foods. This will support your digestion as it starts to naturally slow down to compensate for less outward energy and movement during the fall and winter months.

Thoughts of Food to Consider:

Root vegetables

Winter squashes

Boiled or baked meats

Steamed greens

Fermented vegetables

Cook with ghee or coconut oil

The majority of your food should be cooked this time of year. It is wise to incorporate fermented vegetables in the form of sauerkraut, kim chi, and other pickled foods from the summers garden.

Ideally it is great to eat 1/2- 1 cup of fermented foods daily this time of year. 80% of your foods should be served warm. 15-20% of your food can be in the form of raw salads or raw green juices.

Of course, this is only a suggestion. Consult your health care physicians if you are planning to change your diet. 

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