About Stephanie

Clinical herbalist Stephanie Hein completed her formal training with renowned Mimi Hernandez, MS, RH (AHG) at One World Healing Arts Institute in 2008 and then journeyed to Central and South America to learn both medicinal and spiritual plant use from the indigenous peoples of Costa Rica and Ecuador.

She had the honor of working with Dr. Elizabeth Vaughan in Greensboro for two years by complementing the cutting-edge integrative medicine doctor’s treatment protocols for ailments such as chronic fatigue, depression, Lyme disease, heavy metal toxicity and food allergies with herbs, supplements and food.

Today her never-ending quest for plant knowledge continues with Native American elders. Her practice has grown into offering more than one on one consultations. She is an ongoing facilitator for personal growth workshops, where she holds sacred space for safe transformation.

Stephanie has contributed monthly columns to natural health publications, is a certified doula, trained in Reiki energy medicine, and has practiced yoga for more than a decade and became Hatha yoga certified (200-hour) in 2013.

A mother of two boys, she delivered the youngest at home and she and her family’s primary source of food comes from their organic farm and is frequently complemented by plants harvested in the wild. The herbalist lives outside of Weaverville and is currently working towards her degree in Environmental Science with a focus in Conservation.

Stephanie Hein Clinical Herbalist

She empowers her clients to achieve and sustain good health by addressing imbalances caused by lifestyle choices and teaching them how to incorporate herbs, supplements, food, exercise, fresh air and sunlight, clean water, quality rest and relaxation and other natural health techniques into their daily routine.

Her initial intakes usually last from 60-90 minutes. Follow up sessions are based on the client’s needs, goals and willingness to progress and can include options for menu planning, shopping support (including food label education) and more.

She also offers a variety of workshops as well as in-home herbal medicine-making parties where guests learn how to make salves, salt scrubs, tinctures and more.

Disclaimer: Stephanie does not diagnose or treat disease, prescribe drugs or pharmaceuticals or perform invasive procedures.

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