Benefits of Ghee

Ghee is a super food! It isn’t just butter. It is a pure butter oil. A good quality ghee should come from 100% organic grass fed and cultured butter. Those that are sensitive to dairy, usually do great with ghee. The process of making ghee removes the lactose and casein.

Ghee is highly digestible and promotes healing of the digestive tract as well as other connective tissues in the body due to its high vitamin content of A, D, E, K, and Conjugated linoleic acid.

I recommend Ghee to most clients. It is a great way to heal leaky gut and promote healthy immune function.

My favorite brand, if you don’t make your own… Goddess Ghee.

Goddess Ghee is crafted during the full moon cycles and is filled with the antioxidant rich properties of good quality ghee.

Good healthy fats sustain energy, promote organ health, and support a healthy lifestyle!

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